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Messin' Bout In Wooden Boats
Posted On: April 26, 2018

… than messin' ‘bout in Wooden Yachts?

The Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta presented by Officine Panerai, August 11 & 12.

We all love being on the water, but their just doesn't seem to be anything sweeter than spending time on our wooden yachts. Maybe it's the honor of stewardship or the sound of the water on the wood hull – or the smell of oiled teak. Maybe it's just all the stories made aboard over the years. Whatever 'it' is, it's 'Magic.'

If you're looking to experience a little more 'magic' this summer, we invite you to join us at the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta.

This is just as much a rendezvous of classic yachts and 'characters' as it is a well-organized regatta. Beautiful? Absolutely. Fun? Without a doubt.

  • This regatta is a blast!
  • A GREAT venue at the Corinthian Yacht Club
  • Reasonable entry fee includes FREE mooring and one heck of a Skippers Bag
  • The racing is done in "Pursuit" format – much less pressure but still a decent challenge
  • Spinnakers welcomed!
  • More prizes from Officine Panerai are up for grabs for more boats than ever before (yes, you could win a Panerai watch)

The 2018 CRF MKII Classic Rating Formula will be the standard and required for all boats. Secure your 2018 certificate here: CRF site

The season is short. Plan on making your own 'magic' this summer by registering to be a part of the Corinthian Classic August 11 & 12. Start planning now. Instructions to enter can be found on our website at

This is NOT a NOR

For more information and to register, visit our website:

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