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Important News for 2017
Posted On: February 23, 2017

Greetings, Classic Yacht Enthusiast:

In 2015, a group of classic yachting Super Enthusiasts formed the Classic Yacht Owners Association (CYOA). From the outset, the biggest item on their agenda for discussion, exploration, and perhaps modification, was “Ratings”. Today, after almost a year of hard work, they’ve offered all of us a better, fairer, way to try and win some silver.

We at the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta are extremely impressed with the work the CYOA leadership, and specifically the Technical Committee (including Marblehead’s Jim Taylor), has done on the “Ratings” program. They have really sunk their teeth into this issue with an objective to create a much more level playing field. We support and salute their endeavor and MODIFIED RATING PROGRAM (CRF MKII).

Please take a moment to read the letter (linked below) from Simon Davidson, Treasurer and Chairman of the CYOA Technical Committee. In it, you’ll come to understand what wasn’t working before, what could be improved, how it would be done, and what it looks like now. If you love sailing in Classic Yacht Regatta events, you’ll want to read this letter in preparation for the upcoming season.

We assure you that there will be many more communications and much more information to come from us. This initiative is all about making things better and we welcome that. We hope you do as well. 

Stay Warm
Your friends at Corinthian Class Yacht Regatta

CYOA Letter to Owners (PDF FORMAT)