Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta
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An Awesome Sailing Event
Posted On: June 22, 2017


How many times have you gazed at a Classic Yacht Calendar wishing that you had been there? Well, turn those daydreams into reality by joining us at the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta, presented by Officine Panerai, August 12 & 13.

The event is all about “Pure Pageantry” and is just as much a rendezvous of classic yachts and “characters” as it is a well-organized regatta. Beautiful? Absolutely. Fun? Without a doubt.

  • This regatta is a blast, on and off the water
  • The racing is done in "Pursuit" format – much less pressure at the start but still a decent challenge
  • A GREAT venue at the Corinthian Yacht Club with parties all weekend
  • Reasonable entry fee includes FREE mooring and one heck of a Skippers Bag
  • Complimentary 8x10 photo of your yacht under sail
  • More prizes from Officine Panerai are up for grabs for more boats than ever before (yes, you could win a Panerai watch)

The CCYR offers three categories of participation:

  1. The "Panerai fleet" is open to sailing yachts with a minimum waterline of 20', made of wood aluminum or steel, designed and built using original methods and materials and built on or before 1970. Spinnakers welcomed.
  2. The "Classic GRP"- (Glass Reinforced Plastic) - is for yachts built of fiberglass or yachts that have not been modified and have been designed during the CCA era on or before 1972.
  3. The "Spirit of Tradition fleet" is for those yachts designed with the intent to evoke traditional clean classic lines above the water line and modern underbodies below.

The NEW CRF MK II Classic Rating Formula will be the standard for all boats and we will assist anyone without a rating to easily secure a certificate CRF site

The season is short. Plan on being a part of the “pageantry” this summer by registering for the Corinthian Classic, August 12 & 13. Instructions to enter can be found on our website at